Sussex Credenza

Hard Brown Maple, Stainless Steel

The Sussex Credenza was originally designed by Terrence Woodgate.  I built this reproduction in 2007 and this is the piece of furniture that got me into furniture design/making.  I liked the simple form, the louvers across the front and back and the way it floats above the floor.  My version of Mr. Woodgate’s piece is made of solid maple and maple-veneered plywood.  Each row of louvers is a single piece of wood that continues across all four doors, only broken up by the joint of each door.  A local artist instructed me on welding the stainless steel legs and frame and we worked together to weld them up.  Originally, I built the piece of furniture rather than buying one in attempt to save money, but I quickly learned, given the amount of time I put into it, that the original price no longer sounded so unreasonable.

Continuous louvers at back

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Photography by Andrea Eve