Walking Man Lamp

Walnut, Braided Rayon Cord

The lamp was made for the hand tools class in the wood program at the TTU Appalachian Center for Craft.  The parameters of this class required that whatever project the student should make, the pieces must be shaped, joined and finished without the use of power tools, save the bandsaw for initial cuts.  The lamp was made from a single piece of 8/4 walnut.  The shape of the individual pieces was calculated before any sawing was done to ensure that each piece necessary for the lamp to stand and function could be gotten out of the one board.  A large tenon holds all of the pieces together at the center, thereby reducing the amount of hand joinery work required.  The lampshade is a piece of 1/16” walnut veneer, steam bent around a hot pipe to retain its shape. The lamp’s structure mainly consists of two feet, two legs, an arm and a lampshade, which gives the appearance of a man carrying a lantern as he walks.

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