Williams Street Gallery / Residence

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Legacy Project,  Hefferling+Kronenberg Architects

Project Design Team

While working at Hefferlin+Kronenberg Architects, I worked on the design of a residence and gallery for a Russian-Expressionist living in Chattanooga’s Southside area.  Hefferlin+Kronenberg had previously designed a studio for the painter some years earlier and this new gallery / residence would be built along the street in front of the studio.

Through the use of materials, the exterior of the building clearly denotes the different functions within: the first floor, a public art gallery and the second floor, the artist’s residence.  The gallery employs large, wood bifold doors along Williams Street which can open the entire space to the street during events.  The residence, is accessed by a stair in the courtyard with an open living/dining/kitchen that overlooks the courtyard and studio.  The master bedroom and bathroom overlook Williams Street.  The artist requested a large space on the street façade on which he could create a plaster frieze.  Though not completed at this time, the frieze will cover the horizontal band of granite panels over the bifold doors seen in the photo above.

Looking to the back of residence from courtyard

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Looking across Williams Street